Friday, September 24, 2010

Week in Review

As I say goodbye to students on the bus sidewalk, confirm that “yes, I will meet with you Monday regarding E’s behavior plan,” wave adieu to little hands peeping though bus windows, and jokingly mumble under my breath about having a glass of wine when I get home to tired coworkers as we walk to our cars, I look back on the past five days. I really dug my heels into the job this week. I started up some (so far) successful behavior modification plans, gave IQ tests, consulted with teachers regarding students, observed students in their classes, and as always, typed reports. I love lists and other organizational goodies (see: dork), so here’s a recap of some of this week’s highs (I could write about the lows, but c’mon, I’m ever the optimist):
  • For the first time, I signed my name as “Certified School Psychologist.”
  • I wore my purple pumps from Nine West and felt like a power house walking down the hall.
  • My PM duty was changed from the gym to standing on the sidewalk supervising lines of students as they head to their busses (hooray!).
  • I’ve had awesome homegrown apples for lunch all week that Boyfriend and I picked when we went apple-picking last weekend (I love falls in NY!)
  • I got to play Uno with two 5th graders as reward/reinforcements for having a great week on their behavior modification plans.
  • I got my business cards (with the incorrect email address… boo).
  • I have keys to my office, a swipe ID card to get into my building, and my email system is finally set up.
  • I got oodles of hugs from both strange and familiar kids at dismissal
  • I had my first psychologist department meeting. It was great to connect with fellow professionals, especially those psychologists I’ve spoken to since starting, but haven’t met face-to-face with yet.
Now, it’s time to make dinner (teriyaki turkey tenderloin, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and broccoli)!



  1. 1. I got to sign my name as school psychologist this week too! Best. Thing. Ever.
    2. I've had homegrown apples all week that my fiance (ahh!) and I picked too!
    3. I got many hugs and excited smiles from my 5th graders who moved up to 6th grade (and didn't expect to see me)!
    4. I got my permanent ID tag and log in information back finally!
    5. I went to my first psych meeting since last spring.

    Very different school districts yet surprisingly similar experiences! :D

  2. I have been waiting for accurate business cards from my school district since 2007. Sigh.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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