What's that Acronym?

The world of education, and especially special education and school psychology, is full of acronyms. Busy educators love to shorten things into more succinct, easy to spit out letter-jumbles, but to those outside the profession, the alphabet soup is meaningless. I try my best to always spell out what an acronym stands for before I start tossing the letters around, but here is a list of commonly used acronyms just in case: 
  • ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • BIP - Behavioral Intervention Plan
  • CICO - Check-in, Check-out (a PBIS intervention)
  • CSE - Committee on Special Education
  • CPSE - Committee on Preschool Education 
  • ED - Emotional Disturbance
  • FBA - Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • ICT - Integrated Co-Teaching (an IEP program)
  • ID - Intellectual Disability 
  • IEP - Individualized Education Plan
  • LD - Learning Disability
  • OHI - Other Health Impairment
  • OT - Occupational Therapy
  • PBIS - Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports
  • PT - Physical Therapy
  • RTI - Response to Intervention
  • SC - Self Contained or Special Class  (an IEP program)
  • SST - Student Support Team