Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm currently working on a reevaluation of a young man's special education program to see if it is still the right fit for him. B's in a 6:1+1 classroom, which has 6 students, 1 teacher, and 1 aide, but he actually goes to a general education classroom that has a special education teacher helping in it for most of the day and does very well academically. B has average IQ and reading, writing, and math scores.

B came down to my office this morning for testing and was such a peach to work with! He was polite and well-mannered, cooperative, attentive, and put forth great effort. As much as I love the "problem children" that have difficulty in school and working with them to help them learn more effectively, it's such a treat to work with an "average" student. It puts things back in perspective, and B really started the day off on a lovely note. After we finished our "yay, you finished 1.5hr of IQ testing!" celebratory game of Uno and B went back to his classroom with his new Spiderman pencil as a reward, I happily went on with my day. Of course, I was almost immediately called to go deal with a student who was running the building, so it was downhill from there. Blargh. But hey, I'll take what I can get.

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