Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Apocalypse Nowish

So... did the crazy train crash this week and let all the crazy escape? (I'm imagining that "crazy" looks like Ozzy Ozbourne right now... maybe it was the use of "crazy train")

I only ask because, after hearing from colleagues about the mass bird deaths in Arkansas and Louisiana, and the even mass-ier fish deaths in the Arkansas River, it sounds kind of scary out there. Add onto that the preposterous situation that was today, and I'm thinking that the apocalypse is on our doorsteps.

The first hour of my day went a little something like this...

9:00am - return to office after breakfast duty. Start to gather materials for the morning of CSE meetings we have planned.
9:02 - receive call that two fourth graders have walked out of the classroom and are running in the building (one of them was D; the "cool" thing didn't last very long). Someone who works with them both leaves to intervene.
9:03 - receive call that a 2nd grader is off the wall throwing books around classroom, etc. Since his usual case worker is predisposed with D and R, someone else goes to take care of that.
9:03 -  student's mother comes in to discuss his IEP. My colleague, MB, sits down with her.
9:04 - receive call that D admitted to hitting a peer across the face during breakfast. Inform teacher that someone is on the way to intervene.
9:04 - receive call that a 6:1+1 self-contained student going bananas upstairs in art. Someone goes upstairs to take care of the situation. Begin to hyperventilate. Meanwhile, D and R arrive in office unannounced. Aannddd...
9:05 - D hulks out and throws a chair across my office and hits R. Is taken by MB to office, kicking and screaming. R remains behind.
9:08 - after a couple more phone calls for wacky kids, the individual sent to deal with D and R initially returns to the office and takes R to nurse. IEP Mom leaves rather flustered.
9:09 - get another call for the 2nd grader. Art Misbehaver comes to office and goes to another room with another colleague to talk and calm down.
9:13 - MB has not returned after taking D to office, and she is running our CSE meetings, which begin at 9:30. I begin to panic, because I haven't gotten anything done for them.
9:15 - begin moving files, laptops, tape recorder, etc over to meeting room. Realize that Art Misbehaver is in there and is in engaged in deep conversation. Leave awkwardly. Question whether we informed district parent advocate of time of first CSE meeting. Scramble to find her phone number; fail.
9:17 - another colleague returns to the office with 2nd Grader and another young student whom I don't recognize.
9:20 - 2nd Grader and Friend are taken into our CSE meeting room. Still haven't found MB despite searching over first floor for her.
9:30 - prepared for CSE meetings, have found MB, in CSE meeting room, office informed to send substitutes to relieve teacher needed for meeting. But wait! R has taken off again, and MB heads upstairs.
9:35 - begin to wonder where my sanity has gone.
9:37 - begin to wonder where everyone for the meeting is.
9:40 - dad for the first meeting arrives with our district parent advocate (yay!). Still no teachers. Go to the office to find out what is going on. Discover classroom teacher and speech teacher are absent, but sub was sent to reading teacher. Call reading teacher--sub never arrived.
9:41 - die a little inside. Apologize profusely to CSE Dad. Find sub wandering hallway, discover he wasn't following the given schedule. Give him correct schedule, get attitude. Thanks.
9:43 - return to meeting room, apologize more profusely to CSE Dad. MB is MIA. Leave to find her.
9:47 - return to meeting room sans MB, but find her already in meeting room getting ready. Breathe for perhaps the first time since 9am. Reading teacher arrives.
9:52 - begin first CSE meeting of the day, 22 minutes behind schedule.

The rest of the day continued at a somewhat subdued level of ridiculousness. And, if you're on bated breath, D, R, 2nd Grader, and Art Misbehaver all went loco later in the day again, and I believe all were suspended. Oy vey.

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