Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a type-athon!

I was supposed to have yet ANOTHER training today, but instead the psychologists were given a reprieve and allowed to return to their building to complete evaluations and reports. I'm not completely sure how this could be considered a reprieve on what is a day off for students, but I'm not going to complain when I get a day to myself to work on all my paperwork. Nerd alert! So, I am using today to finish the MOUNTAIN of reports that I need to type. I snuck into my building this morning and told the office staff that I am "not here" today, hoping that I would be left alone to do my work (so far, so good). Get ready for the TYPE-ATHON!!

It is currently two hours into my self-imposed exile in my office, and I have finished two initial evaluation reports for our CSE meeting tomorrow. Of course, my printer has decided NOT to print them (they're just hanging out in the queue... come on out friends, I need to put my John Hancock on you!). I have five more reports I hope to finish today, which will get me to a good place for the meetings scheduled between now and June 1st.

On your mark... get set... TYPE!

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