Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Can Ring My Bell

Staff reported today, and it was great to see my staffy friends! Lots of people were moved either in, out, or around my building, so there are lots of new assignments and grade level changes. Everyone seems to have those back-to-school jitters in the anticipation of seeing how the new school year goes. Love it!

I have a relatively twisted sense of humor, so I find things funny that most people don't. During my opening day chat today, I wanted to tell my co-workers that our CSE chairperson is out on medical leave, so they would be up to speed and know to come to me or Ms. B with any questions or concerns. Here's how it went:

Me: "You're probably wondering why Ms. B and I are up here and not MB. [somber face] MB went to the doctor a few weeks ago, and during a procedure, the doctor found a tumor in her colon that was cancerous...
**school bell system chimes through entire auditorium and cuts out my microphone, mid-serious talk**
Staff: "*GASP!* murmur, chatter, gasp, 'oh dear'"
Me: "... that was probably the worst timed interruption ever."

Hilarious, right?! No? Do I just enjoy awkward humor too much?

Regardless of the inconsiderate bell system, the rest of the opening day activities went well. Can't WAIT to see the kiddos tomorrow! I'm so glad that giddy, back to school feeling arrived.

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