Friday, February 3, 2012


Stole this idea from Tabitha over at Scrapbook of a School Counselor since I thought it was a great way to give a snapshot of my day. Enjoy this peak into my world...

Listening: to Mumford & Sons quietly on my iPhone while typing up results from yesterday's testing sessions. I have to be careful when "Little Lion Man" is playing, as kiddos like to pop into my office without warning. Can't taint their little ears with inappropriate language, though I'm sure they use or hear worse.

Loving: the Peachberry Jasmine Sutra tea I bought at Teavana. OMG... so delicious. The only thing that makes this frustrating is that the thermos I bought there is so good, it keeps the tea hot enough to burn my face off every time I want to indulge. My taste buds thank you.

Thinking: of venturing into the main office to check my mailbox, which typically ends up with me getting a message to call a parent, see a kid, go to this classroom, etc. Perhaps I'll stay in my psychologist cave until I get these 14 reports written. Ha!

Wanting: my desk phone to be fixed. It's been broken since September, and how that occurred I have no idea, since it worked all last year and during the summer. I've asked our chief engineer about 42 times to have it fixed, and have also reported it to the building committee twice, but no luck thus far. It's a surprising inconvenience to have to get up and cross the room to answer the phone off the main line... apparently, I'm super lazy.

Needing: to use the restroom. Enjoy that TMI tidbit. Isn't it awful when you're so busy that it seems like a hassle to leave your desk to take care of basic needs? Since this whole state review started, my workload has gone through the roof. A colleague actually joked to a special education supervisor at our district office that I'm getting bladder infections because I'm too overloaded to leave the office (false, but funny).

Stalking: the first grade classrooms, waiting to get back intervention records and data for a few kiddos I have coming through for eligibility determination meetings this month. They're all a little wack-a-doodle, so the more data, the better, so I can make an appropriate decision for them.

And there you have it... a caffeine, British folk rock, ADHD-induced snapshot of this Super Psychologist. Back to your regularly scheduled programming, and this type-a-thon for me!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me friend! I am definitely going to be trying that tea- I have a gift card that I have not used yet!

    And I can TOTALLY relate on being so busy that the bathroom just seems like a journey you can't take!

    You are awesome Aimee!

  2. Be careful going to Teavana... you will spend so much money on awesome things! There's so many tea options, it's really endless. The Peachberry Jasmine Sutra is quite fruity, if that's your thing. My fiance prefers their Jinjaa Citrus Twist, which is more lemon-ginger.

    YOU are awesome! :)


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