Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Popcorn-y Goodbyes

Today was the last session of my first grade emotions/anger management group. Sad face... although without a doubt I haven't seen the last of those kiddos!

At the close of our previous session, the boys got to choose the treat that I would bring to our last group session, and the overwhelming choice was popcorn. Really? This was over cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches? Cool! (and since I was out sick this week and actually almost forgot, it's a good thing, since I had popcorn in the cabinet and didn't need to run to the store :) )

I brought Candy Land with me to play while we munched on our popcorn, and while fun and games it was, we were also learning! I'm sure I've said it 42 times, but I really enjoy playing simple board games with young kiddos to work on good sportsmanship, coping with losing, turn-taking, and other general social skills, plus counting/adding/subtracting, color recognition, etc for these little guys. With scaffolding and explicit modeling from me, it went really well. You can't help but feel silly saying, "G, it's now your turn, please pick your card. Everyone, what card did G draw? What color? How many? Let's count together, one purple, two purple. Great job, G please hand me your card. Okay, D, it's now your turn, please pick your card. Gentlemen, what card did D draw? ..." while playing Candy Land with four 6-7 year olds, but the continual, constant prompting and reminders really do help.

Hard to believe 8 weeks is over already! I'm going to buckle down and get some CSE work done before Christmas, with perhaps more group planning for the new year. Right now, my other colleagues are heading their own groups (4th and 5th grade girls groups focusing on bullying, 6th grade 6:1+1 group focusing on anger management and self-expression, and more!), so I'll take a breather and get my test on.

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