Monday, January 21, 2013

Kind Over Matter

Last weekend, I traversed to Albany, NY with other area psychologists for the NY Association of School Psychologists' (NYASP) executive board meeting. As I've mentioned before, I'm chapter co-representative for my area of New York, and I travel to Albany three times a year to brainstorm and converse about big issues in the field with other key state playmakers. It's a whirlwind two days of information overload that typically ends in a big dinner with lots of wine (my kind of party).

One of the board members participated in the 26 Acts of Kindness for Newtown, CT in her district and brought some resources to share. For those who are unaware, #26Acts was a challenge of sorts from NBC News' Ann Curry in the wake of the shooting, asking for people to spread kindness and goodwill towards others as a way of answering the question, "What can we do?" Here is an article from NBC, with photos and tweets of dozens and dozens of people who participated, and how they spread kindness.

Our board member shared a printable from Kind Over Matter with tear-off positive thoughts and affirmations. I thought this was a great, simple idea to share at work as a way to "pass it on." I tacked my copy of the poster onto our main office bulletin board last Monday morning, and by the afternoon, two positive thoughts had already been torn off. Pass it on, folks.

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  1. I have the Free Positive Thoughts sign hanging on my office door. It was very exciting to see the first few tear offs! Just before I read this post I saw that someone had put the tear off, "You have a beautiful soul," on the mirror in the girls bathroom, which I felt was super appropriate!! It's very rewarding to see middle school and high school students paying it forward. Cheers to kindness!

    1. Awesome, Melissa! So glad to see that that students are taking advantage of your sign---such a small affirmation can mean so much. :)


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