Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Times They Are a Changin'

I'm quite aware that my blogging has hit rock bottom this summer. I am shamed. I blame the 25 cases I had to process during summer school. I've been BUSY testing, pumping out reports, writing IEPs, and sitting in CSE meetings. I've also had a number of days of district training to attend, which have also occupied my time. Alas, this is no excuse! I promise when the 2011-2012 school year begins, I shall return in full, in your face force.

My CSE team along with other colleagues are beginning to lay out our PBIS plan of attack, community service and enrichment activities, and the general improvements we want to make for next year. But I'd like to ask you, gentle readers, what you want to see from my blog during the next school year? More discussion of the CSE process and all that goes along with it? More on-the-job learning? More discussion of cases as they come across my desk? More individual and group behavioral intervention strategies? More hilarious encounters with my kiddos? I want to hear your suggestions, so please share everything and anything I can do!

Obviously for those following along at home, I will no longer be a first year school psychologist in September. This is great, because I've established some street cred in the building, will know the majority of the kiddos, and do have the slightest idea what I'm actually doing. I also will finally have my name on the psychologist's seniority list in Human Resources, which means I actually exist. However, this throws a monkey wrench into the whole "blog name situation." So, I ask for your assistance again, what should my blog name be changed to? Give me your suggestions! I don't want to change it too drastically, so that those casual readers won't recognize it, but it does need an update.

So there you have it folks. No longer will you sit idly by reading about my mishaps and miscreants. Today, I need your help! Give me blog name and blog content suggestions! And, please do enjoy the rest of your summer vacations, because September will be here before you know it! =D


  1. Hi Aimee!

    As I prepare to start my first year as a school psychologist in a large district, I really enjoy having your blog as a resource and a reminder that some days are just tricky :) I find it very helpful to read about your on the job learning and the decision making process you go through when handling more difficult cases! Also, as a new psych do you have any organization pointers or things you wish you knew after your first year?

    Good luck this school year!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Kristen! It's really nice to know that someone out there is finding benefit in my misadventures. ;) Congrats on your job, too! Are you a new graduate as well?

    Ever since I went on internship and especially this past year, one of the biggest and most complicated things I learned was about the politics of how a school district runs. I really spent the first year observing all the various dynamics both at the building level, with our central special ed. office, and at the district level. Take it all in, because there's a lot going on there. A school district, especially a big one, can be an interesting and challenging beast!

    As far as organization, I'm uber Type A, so I take organization almost to a fault. Number one thing for me is keeping my desk clean of folders and papers, both for confidentiality and my sanity. I would recommend getting your reevaluation case load list for the year ASAP and planning out a skeletal testing schedule. I'm not sure how your district handles reevals, but in mine, we do them as they come up (i.e. if a kid is due in October, we test and hold the meeting in October), while other districts might do all reevals at one point in the year. Keep a file for every kiddo with observation data, teacher report, the testing protocols, a copy of your report and any BIP you write, and any other relevant data. Organize all your protocols and testing materials together, so you can just grab and go. You'll find what works for you, I know I did a lot of rearranging of file folders and what not before I got comfortable with my system. :)

    GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR! I'd love to hear how things go for you as September gets going! Maybe a guest blog sometime?? :)

  3. Thank you for your advice, very helpful! I, too, am a major type A so as you can tell organization is on the top of my list of questions(especially since I don't have all of my materials/re-eval lists yet, yikes!) I would love to share my experiences as I begin this journey. I will certainly stay in touch.

  4. I was uber unprepared at first too. It took me a week to get my testing kits & protocols, and 2+ weeks to get my email account, laptop, keys to my desk and office, pass card into the building, etc. It'll come together; unfortunately, large districts have more important things to worry about than making sure the bottom feeder school psych can type reports. Alas!

    Definitely keep in touch! You can contact me at


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