Friday, November 18, 2011

Under the Microscope

As some of you might've seen on my Facebook page, I had a slight meltdown about my workload that involved a possible future of flipping burgers. While I was on vacation in Cancun with Fiance, a special ed. supervisor came in to make sure that we were in compliance with state expectations and that all of our kiddos were getting the appropriate services. Long story short, I'll be doing 55+ amendments/revisions, reevaluations, and program reviews for students in our building. The best part of the whole shebang? The substitute we had in for MB, my colleague going through chemo treatment, quit without explanation on Monday. Since our secretary has been MIA since May, I'm now doing the jobs of three people, trying to deal with daily issues, managing Check-in, Check-out and other PBIS initiatives, trying to deal with our typical CSE caseload, and picking up odds and ends as they come. Suffice to say, I'm a tid bit busy! :)

Ultimately, I am glad that the supervisor came in. As much as I will likely complain about the extra work and day-to-day super insanity, there were a lot of problems with IEPs in our building that are now going to be solved. Kiddos will be going to more appropriate placements, being declassified, or having services switched to meet their needs. If my CSE team was making the decisions in the absence of a supervisor's intervention, these changes might take a little longer and be a little harder to get going, but since we're responding to compliance concerns, we're going to move quickly to get things solved. Reviews like this are uber stressful, but I'm hoping I will be able to make small accomplishments (I scored four behavior rating scales and finished a report today--this was a big deal), and remember that when I'm drowning in paperwork and report writing, that at the end of the tunnel, a kiddo will be getting what they need to succeed.

Let the FBA writing, psychological testing, hair pulling, teacher consulting, report typing, student observing, sitting in meetings, diet pop chugging, and assessment scoring begin!

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  1. Amen for Diet Coke. Hang in there; we appreciate your posts! It makes us feel as if we are not alone, even though we are states away! Love your blog. Thank you for sharing. Good luck with the revisions!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, friend!! We all must band together through the great, exciting days and monotonous, drowning ones. :) I'm sure all this work will produce some good case studies and informational posts, plus some really good IEPs at the end!

  3. Ugh! Ugh! UGH! Love your attitude, because there's no way around the fact that this is going to be a lot of work. But how you choose to do it, is another matter all together. Here's wishing you get through this quickly and as sanely as you can!


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