Friday, February 4, 2011

You're a psychiatrist?

I had my observation/review this afternoon with my principal. It went very well!

My principal is doing a portfolio review for me, since there is no formalized assessment manual for psychologists. In my district, psychologists and other Committee on Special Education (CSE) staff have only been in the school buildings for a few years. Before that, they were centralized in one building and would go out to hold evaluations and meetings. Schools are still a little shaky on what our roles are on the school staff, and how to measure our "effectiveness" at our job. My principal asked me to write a job description that she could reference while putting my portfolio together.

I was so tempted to refer her to this blog post. Maybe not the most professional. I printed her a description of what school psychologists do from the National Association of School Psychologists website instead.

Educating administrators on what it is I do, one pamphlet at a time. =D

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