Monday, February 21, 2011

Break Me Off a Piece of That

 Today marks the beginning of my "February break" from work. This is the first year that my district has scheduled a week off in February and a week off in April, instead of 2 weeks off in April.

Seriously?! What delusional individual expects teachers and staff, let alone students, to last from January 3rd to mid-April with only MLK, Jr. Day and President's Day off in-between? Yes, those working in the school system get a lot of days off. But, frankly, when you have apocalyptic days and work with kids like Squirmy McAntsypants, you need them. This break will be very welcome. Things have been wearing me down at work lately and I'm feeling a little burned out, so I'm welcoming the down-time with arms open so wide a semi-truck could drive through.

I plan on spending my vacation relaxing and recharging. I'm not going on any fancy or warm vacations. I'll be sitting in the snow that hasn't let go of it's hold on Western NY, as usual. There will be mornings spent at the gym, lunches with colleagues, and household chores to be done. The latter half of the week, I'm going to visit my dad and grandfather in the next city over.

Come February 28th, I'll probably wake up whining and grumbling that I have to go back to work, because no vacation is ever long enough. But, hopefully I'll be a little more rejuvenated!

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