Monday, April 4, 2011

Tell Me How You Really Feel

I was called to respond to a runner who we deal with frequently. S is in first grade and is having a hard time emotionally adjusting to the demands of the class (although since it's April, he should be over this by now, right?). S tantrums, leaves the room, and scream-cries when things don't go his way or he doesn't have someone with him constantly in the classroom, despite being very capable academically. In one such instance, this real conversation from the trenches took place:

S-- "[sniffle, sob] Miss ____ ... [sniff] can I [snuffle, choke] tell you [sob, sniff] something? [sob, swipe hand over snotty nose]"
Me--"[sigh] Sure, S. What is it?"
S-- "[stone faced, clear-voiced, eyes narrowed] I HATE YOU!"
Me-- "[trying to keep a Serious Face] I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe we can talk about it when you're calm and sitting in your seat."
S-- [epic pouting face, more crocodile tears]

Is it wrong that I found the whole thing utterly hilarious?

Note: This is not S. This is munchkin whose picture I stole off The Googs.

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