Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shiny New Group Intervention!

I'm starting up a weekly group in my "favorite" 6:1+1 classroom with one of my colleagues, who is a counselor from an outside mental health agency. This is the class that that my buddies T and B are in, so I'm quite excited. We're going to be focusing on appropriate social skills to increase self-esteem and promote effective conflict resolution and anger management. We plan on collecting pre- and post-group information from their teacher, to see how well the students are using the skills taught in group within the classroom.

I thought it would be useful to outline the goals and activities in our sessions, in case other folks out in cyberland may want to replicate them in their own settings. It'll also be a good "processing" after the group, to collect my thoughts on how things went and what could be improved.

Take that and recap it back!

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